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If you want to find a particular person’s gravesite, or to look at who is buried in a particular section of the Cemetery, this on line search is just what you need.

To use the Search, type a name (either or both first and last names) or just a section number into the search fields at the right. The search results listing will include all burials based on your search. Only burials with information available in the electronic file will show up in the search results. There are missing data in the electronic file. Each listing that results from your search will include the following information on that burial, IF IT IS IN THE FILE: Birth Day Birth Place Death Age, Death Day, Death Place , Section Number and Plot (Lot) Number in the Cemetery where the person is buried.

Finally, the final step of the searching process—if you click on the Section Number for any person listed, you can link to a map of the Cemetery that highlights with a green dot the Section where that person is buried in the Cemetery. Note that only the Section Number is shown for your search, NOT the Lot number. To find where a specific Lot number in a section is located, you can download the 1912 map in the historical section or check in the Cemetery office.

You should note that in some cases, we have more detailed information available in the Cemetery office about a particular person that goes beyond the information we show in this online search function. This additional information may be information from the front or back of the individual burial card located in the Cemetery Office, or information stored in the physical file cabinet folders in the Cemetery office.  The burial card images, front and back and including handwritten notes, can also be found via the Internet from the Albany Rural Cemetery portion of Ancestry.com. Access to Ancestry.com is not, however, free.

As highlighted in the Services portion of this ARC web site, you can obtain copies of the burial cards, the plot cards or other information, as well as a digital photo of the burial lot, for a nominal cost by contacting the Cemetery office at (518) 463-7017.


The database listing in your search results may not reflect the most recent burials, since updating to this web data can be done only periodically.  This means that search results may not identify people buried in the most recent months because that information has not yet been loaded into the database of burials.

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