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Natural Burial

Natural Burials In Albany, NY

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Albany Rural Cemetery is ideally suited for more simple in-ground natural burials. A naturally scenic environment with rolling hills, trees and streams, the Cemetery is managed along ecologically sound principles. Albany Rural offers many unique areas of outstanding beauty with wildlife rich habitats that make a fitting memorial to loved ones. The areas off of Section 199 on the North Ridge, for example, are an ideal natural area that has been developed as a natural burial place. Natural burial can take many forms and can be designed to suit your individual needs. Depending on your desires, people can be buried in simple pine or biodegradable boxes to allow their bodies to become part of the environment. You can choose to have a flat headstone for memorialization, or to have a tree or shrub planted above the grave, or no marker at all depending on the area selected. The cemetery offers many unique places for natural burial; burial plots are not limited to traditional developed gravesite areas. Abundant with woods and streams, and a rolling picturesque landscape, Albany Rural Cemetery is an ideal place for natural burial. We are exploring all these options and hope to be able to offer natural burial services in the near future.

Please contact the cemetery office to express your interest in natural burial since that will help us to gauge how quickly we need to move to offer the services and which services to offer. Again–Please note that this is a new service we are working toward delivering and is not available at this time. Details are being finalized, but we would be happy to discuss different options with you.

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