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Interments and Burial Plots

Burial Plots In Albany, NY

Albany Rural Cemetery has an extensive variety of burial plot locations and sizes available for interment, including more formal areas, as well as scenic and rustic areas throughout the 467 acres of the Cemetery. Areas are available in the older, more historic sections of the Cemetery, as well as in newer areas, such as the flat marker area. Burial options include different memorial styles and interment, including burial of cremated remains. Purchase of a plot includes basic maintenance of the plot such as grass cutting. Additional yearly or specialized lot services can be purchased as well.

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Providing A Variety Of Cemetery Services

At Albany Rural Cemetery, we provide a variety of cemetery services. Our goal is to make sure all visitors and customers are satisified with their experience. We provide a variety of services including cremation plots, burial plots, special events and private tours. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone today and give us a call.

We are here to accommodate to all of your needs and provide as much information as possible!

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