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Cremation and Cremation Plots

Albany Rural has operated its own crematory for decades, serving its own needs, as well as the needs of other cemeteries and individuals. The crematory is adjacent to the Chapel, which can be used for funeral and memorial services. Cremated remains can be returned to next-of-kin, or interred at Albany Rural. Albany Rural has a specific area call the Linden Grove Cremation Garden designated for cremated remains, located near the South Gate on Linden Avenue. Linden Grove Cremation Garden blends in with nature and provides a quiet flowered setting among the trees and shrubs.  Ashes are interred in small plots beneath paving stones.  The paving stones can be engraved with the name of the deceased or other desired information.

Note that cremains can also be buried on top of the existing burial sites of individual or family plot owners.


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