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Genealogical Research

How far back can you trace your family tree? You probably know about your grandparents and great grandparents, but there’s plenty of ancestral history you probably don’t know about. Many people are turning to genealogy to study their family’s history. The problem is finding historical records and other information in order to trace back through time.

Many cemeteries keep historical records in their archives for genealogical research. Albany Rural Cemetery has joined in this practice. Those interested in tracing their family history through Albany Rural Cemetery can call us at 518-463-7017 or contact us in person to ask about perusing our archives.

Albany Rural Cemetery has staff members on hand who can assist you in your search for family history through our records. Ask how you can acquire information from us, including burial permits and sale info, a map of our cemetery, old photos, obituaries, financial records and more. We can also put you in touch with others who are performing genealogical research and may be connected to your family.

The process of constructing a family history is a long and complicated one. A number of records are collected through research to help find any information about your ancestors. This research uses evidence to create a direct link between you and those buried in our cemetery. Main records kept at our cemetery include birth and death information, burial registers, burial permits and grave inscriptions. The name on a gravestone is sometimes the only way for some families to find members of their family.

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Those interested in researching their family history through our ceremony should bring a bit of information to help our researchers out. Try to come equipped with family surnames, an approximation of when the family settled into the area and maiden names of women who married into the family. Also, you should try to figure out possible locations where family members may have lived in the area.


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