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Donation or Special Gift to ARC

Annual Giving

In addition to membership in ARC, the Cemetery encourages Annual Fund support. Tax-deductible gifts of cash, stock and, upon discussion and review, other assets may be made to ARC at any time during the year.  Donors may include the Cemetery in their will or as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or other beneficiary-based asset.

Gifts to the Annual Fund support the day-to-day operations of the Cemetery or can be targeted to special interests or initiatives.

Project Fundraising

From time to time, needs arise at the Cemetery for substantial support.  Such projects will be posted on the website and, in some cases, prospective donors may be approached to support specific projects.

Foundations, Corporations and Public Funding

The Cemetery welcomes support form a variety of sources including private and community foundations, local and regional businesses and from the State and Federal governments.  Proposals and Request for Proposal will be filed on an on-going basis and results announced as projects are funded.

Planned Giving

Contact the Cemetery office for more detailed information about gift planning and options available.


Gifts of cash or other assets may be made to the ARC endowment funds.  A gift or bequest may be designated for a specific purpose, and a gift of $100,000 or more may fund an annual gift in perpetuity. Your generous donation can live forever, enhancing the value of Albany Rural for all future generations.

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