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Map of Famous Residents of ARC

Among the more than 135,000 people buried in Albany Rural Cemetery are a panoply of famous and interesting people, including: one president (Chester A Arthur), 34 members of Congress; eight presidential Cabinet members; five New York State governors; and 55 mayors of the City of Albany since it founding. ARC is also the permanent home for many artists, architects, sculptors, writers and business people. The three historic publications provide extensive information on many historical figures in Albany Rural.

This is the link to a map with a suggested route allowing you to visit the gravesites of a few of the historical personages in ARC.

This is the link (http://bit.ly/1aCLs1T)  to a website developed by a Siena College student providing information on the location of a group of historical gravesites in Albany Rural Cemetery.

Finally here is the link to a map with a listing of some of the most important Civil War heroes buried in ARC.

Paul Grohndal’s book highlights 50 people buried in ARC. The book provides extensive background on each of these individuals marked on this map. There is an interactive version on the web (http://timesunion.com/albanyrural) that accompanied Paul Grohndal’s book.


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