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Enjoy Our Summers In Albany Rural Cemetery

Summer is the perfect time to check out Albany Rural Cemetery in Albany, NY. Visitors come to ARC throughout the year to pay respect to deceased loved ones and check out the many historical figures who have been buried here dating back to 1844. Summer is the ideal season to see the cemetery as the beautiful scenery surrounding the cemetery is in full bloom.

ARC’s cemetery services include interments and burial plots, cremation services, mausoleums, crypts, niches and more. Visitors to our grave sites this summer can check out these historical monuments and be wowed by the amazing architectural achievements and the spectacular scenery surrounding the cemetery, including streams and waterfalls. Our landscape is the perfect quiet spot for people to enjoy the summer weather with a run, bike ride or brisk walk.

Nature lovers can also find a number of different animals and plants scattered throughout the more than 400 acres of land on cemetery grounds. The most common wildlife spotted at ARC are birds. A wide variety of feathered friends have been seen, including wild turkeys, ducks, geese, hawks, owls, herons, woodpeckers and more. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the occasional deer. Visitors have also reported seeing woodchucks, possums, raccoons and skunks.

Those interested in history can also check out the number of historical grave sites found in our cemetery. We’re currently recognized as a Civil War cemetery due to the number of Union and Confederate military members who were buried on our grounds. Other historical figures buried at ARC include former President Chester A. Arthur, 34 members of Congress, five former New York State governors and 55 former mayors of Albany. ARC can provide a map that shows where all these notable individuals are buried. You can make a day of it by grabbing the map and trying to find each one.

Keep an eye out for listings of events to be held at ARC during the summer. For more information, you can always contact us by calling 5180417-2395.

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